About Me

Hi! My name is Raine Rucker, though I've also gone by the name Sarita.

I am an English major and attend Marylhurst University. My favorite genre is fantasy, though I enjoy reading a variety of genres. I developed an excellent taste in books at a young age when I chewed on my mom's special edition copy of Tolkien's The Hobbit.

I am a Pagan and I work with the Celtic gods.

I am bisexual. After fighting it for years I finally accepted who I am early in 2012, and have regularly written about queer and particularly bisexual issues since then.

I have a cat and pet rats, and since I currently live with my parents I also share a house with my dad's cat and mom's dog.

I like to do things with my hands, and this has led me to opening a yarn shop. It's called Dragonfly's Laughter.

I have a book blog that you can go to by clicking here.

I also have an old blog that I outgrew, A College Girl's Days.


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