Who's Who

Obviously mom and dad are my mom and dad, but who is everyone else?

Murray: My wonderful boyfriend. We met at school, and have been dating for a few years. He likes to read and takes me to horror conventions.

Amber and Piper: A close friend and her daughter. It seems like we have a habit of running off to the coast or going on other adventures when we get together.

Tall One: My younger sibling, also a student at Marylhurst University. Likes books, and I've lost track of how many musical instruments he owns (and plays).

Mom: Works in a library, which means I can get her to bring me books.

Dad: Retired, his hobby is amateur radio.

Kokopelle: My kitty (who isn't actually a kitten anymore). Rescued from a parking lot, sweet but tries to be a bad boy.

Kora and Aniki: My pet rats, sisters adopted at the same time. Super cute and they can be a tad rambunctious.

Saphira: Dad's little Siamese cat. Thinks a princess, and looks down on us lesser beings. Thinks she can boss dad around.

Josie: Mom's terrier mix. Quite a handful, and likes to sleep on my bed when mom isn't home.

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