Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Eyesight and Glasses

I used to be able to do this thing where I’d tense my eyes and be able to see fine. Some people have known what I’m talking about, others haven’t, I think I’ve just been using eye muscles that a lot of people can’t use without squinting.

I’ve been losing the ability to do this over the last couple years, which is unpleasant but not surprising. I knew my “good” eyesight (that is, being able to tense my eyes to see clearly despite needing bifocals to not get headaches) wouldn’t last forever.

Now I keep finding myself disoriented when things aren’t coming into focus like they used to, and I think it’s time I recognize that this has got to be contributing in some part to my perception of reality being off. (Definitely doesn’t account for all of it, but it would still be a bit disturbing even without my regular dissociation.)

Also, I need new glasses. *sigh*