Tuesday, June 25, 2013


We will have rulings tomorrow on Prop. 8 and DOMA.

And...this has got me thinking.

I've thought about marriage equality laws in terms of what they mean to other people. But I hadn't thought about them in terms of what they mean to me as a bisexual.

I'm dating a man, and I've never gone out with a woman, so I guess I've taken certain things for granted. Things like certain legal rights and how they apply to me. But in the last few days it really properly hit me that the law will treat me differently, based on whether I am with a man or a woman. And because I'm bisexual, I could have easily found myself with a woman.

...I know I could say more profound things about how the rulings will affect same sex couples, but I think I'd mostly be repeating things that my readers already know. And I know there are other bisexuals in opposite gender relationships who will consider themselves lucky to have fallen in love with the "correct gender," because it means they at least have the option of certain legal rights with their partner.

But of course, there are also bisexuals in same sex relationships who desperately want to marry and can't. Not to mention the gays who are screwed no matter who they fall in love with...

And thus are my thoughts after a long day, when it's too close to my bedtime.

Liberty and Justice have a hot make-out session


Don't Liberty and Justice make a cute couple?

Monday, June 24, 2013

Dear Insomnia:

Dear Insomnia:

I loathe you. I really do. I've been lying in bed for a while now, and I need to be at work in seven and a half hours. There's no way I'll get enough sleep now, and that is seriously frustrating.

Please, just leave, and let me get some sleep.



ps. Maybe you can take that migraine with you when you leave? Thanks.

. . . . . . .

The above is a letter that I wrote in my head last night. I considered crawling out of bed to jot it down here but didn't. Maybe my writing it now will convince insomnia to leave me alone tonight. Eh, I can hope.

Once I'd had one mug of coffee before work, and two cups of tea at work, I woke up properly. The migraine even seemed disappear entirely in the last hour of work, and luckily it was mild today anyways. I'm honestly not sure how I would have managed if it had been at its worst.

Monday, June 17, 2013 fight?

I cleaned the rat cages this evening. Things went pretty normally, though with the new fact that I'm not putting Kora and Aniki in with Sabine even briefly. (Let's just say that Sabine isn't playing nice anymore. This is an unpleasant and depressing fact for both her and me.) Nothing out of the ordinary happened until I put the younger girls back in their own cage.

Niki came to greet me when I was bending over to pick up the trash bag I'd been using, so I was more or less on eye level with her. Of course I was mildly distracted by how adorable she is, and failed to notice that she had something in her mouth until she threw it at me. I looked down...and realized it was food.

That rat threw her food at me.

I don't know if she: 1) was thanking me for cleaning her cage, 2) was requesting different food, 3) was trying to initiate a food fight, or 4) all the above.

Whichever it is, I am still extremely perplexed and amazed.

Adorable Niki is adorable

In other news, I have a temp job that starts on the day this post goes up. This is the first work I've had this year, so I'm pretty happy, and just hoping that my unemployment stint is pretty much over.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Finding Narnia

Book cover
Now that I've completed the Dresden Files novels, I'm finally moving on to reading The Chronicles of Narnia. This did present me with one problem though: actually finding the books.

I realized that this might be a challenge when I searched the library catalog. I found cookbooks, an official guide, computer games, manuals for the computer games, and in general just lots of books written about the books I want to read. Which might have been nice if I wanted to cook, but it meant that I had a bit of a hard time finding the actual books written by C.S Lewis.

Narnia. It's difficult to find.

Maybe I shouldn't complain. It's an amazing thing when books capture the imagination so that other people feel compulsed to write about them, make games based on the imagined world, and even write cookbooks. It's just...can't the original books be placed at the top of this list in the library catalog?

After a bit of looking I did manage to find a giant book that contains all the novels, and even has them in chronological order. I also discovered that I do remember reading the first one years ago, though for some reason I didn't exactly take to it.

I've finally found Narnia (or I can pretend that I have), and it's certainly an interesting place.

Friday, June 14, 2013

My work space

About a month ago I wrote down some ideas for blog posts, and I took a look at that list today. One of the ideas was to share photos of my work space.

I'm not sure where I got that idea from, but I decided to run with it.


No, my kitty Kokopelle normally isn't on the desk. But he sort of photobombed, so I decided to let him get away with it.

The desk

Here it is properly. My desk is a mixture of neatness and chaos.

I have my actual work space, and then my "junk drawer" areas. And if it seems odd that I keep a box under my desk, know that I like to put my feet on it. Rather than being in the way, it adds to my comfort.

Adorable kitties

These last two photos are just minor details of some of what I keep close at hand. The above are tiny plushy kittens and their mother. I have more of the kittens spread throughout my bedroom.

Below is an unnamed fairy lady who I got during the intermission of a ballet years ago.

Fairy lady

What's your work space like?

Monday, June 10, 2013

What I won't blog

I'm finding in my job hunt that interviewers usually ask about what sort of things I like to do with my time, and my immediate response is typically that I like to read and write. This sometimes leads to me mentioning that I have a blog or two, and there have been a couple of times when the conversation turns to whether anything and everything can go on this blog.

I won't discuss certain personal details on here. Sure, there are some personal things I'll discuss: that grandma being in hospice is messing me up, my sexual orientation, and sometimes my medical issues. But there are other more personal things I don't share.

Another thing I won't write about is work. Ok, so I may write a few vague details, such as generalities of what I'm doing, and sometimes things I've learned about myself on the job. Once a temp job is over I might share exactly what it was and who I worked for. You may even guess from my tone that I was really enthusiastic about a job, and that I didn't want it to end. But I definitely won't share my opinions of any employer on here, even if I want to rave about how amazingly awesome they are.

So I guess that really, what I won't discuss is my opinion of my employer.

Why is that? I'm glad you asked.

Thing is, sometimes an employer isn't so amazing, and I'm certainly not going to complain about that on this blog. Doing so seems pretty dangerous and, although others will risk it, I don't want to go there myself. And if I go from raving about one employer to saying nothing about the next, I don't want my silence to be noticed.

...side note, sorry I disappeared for over a week. Although I'm trying to come up with a good excuse for it, I really can't. I'll be better about writing posts now. Honest I will.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

When the power goes out

What do you do when the power goes out?

The very first thing I do is turn the computers off. Always. I'm not sure how young I was when I got that lesson instilled in me: when the power goes off, immediately turn off the computers. Or bad things may happen.

Besides, the beeping of the battery backup is annoying as heck.

Obviously, it's also a good idea to check the circuit breaker and call the power company. You know, figuring out how to get the power back on, and making sure that the power company knows there's a problem that needs to be fixed.

But once that's all done, what do you do?

After the necessities were done, I figured I had a few options. (In case you haven't guessed already, my family was without power for a couple hours today.) Two things that wouldn't require electricity were going to the park or playing piano, but I wasn't in the mood for either. I could have cleaned a rat cage, and that does need to get done today, but I decided to wait until I had more light.

I also considered doing something with my hands like spinning yarn, but I like to listen to music or an audio book while doing that. Which I could do with my iPhone, true, but I didn't want to use up the battery.

A bit of time was spent while I considered the above options and tried to figure out what to do with myself. Eventually, though, it occurred to me that I could return to what I'd been doing when the power went out in the first place.

I read a book.

Yeah, what I'd been doing when the power went out didn't require electricity at all, so I didn't need to waste any time pondering how to survive.

Stop laughing.

Open Book by George Hodan

Sad thing is that, when I finished the book, I started wasting battery life on my iPhone. I may be slightly addicted to the internet.