Tuesday, February 16, 2021


Imagine being assigned some random people to share a house with. You might get along great with one of them, another you barely see, and for some reason you have the feeling that there are more you don’t know about. But you share a house, and you’ve got to make it work. 

That’d be something of a challenge. 

Now imagine that it isn’t a house you share, but a brain and body. And you don’t realize that you have roommates (headmates), which leads to some very confusing experiences. 

And then, think about what it might be like to finally realize: you aren’t alone in your brain. 

This is my reality, and I started seeing a specialist about my multiple personality situation last summer. Figuring out what’s going on has been such a relief, I’ve actually been able to start making meaningful improvements for my mental health. 

Now that more of us are “waking up” (individual headmates can go “dormant” due to trauma/stress) we’re rediscovering old loves, which is blogging in my case. That means either reviving this blog, or starting a new one. Not quite sure which it’ll be yet. Will keep you posted. ;)

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Victoria Zigler said...

Glad you're finding ways to deal with your reality.