Monday, January 22, 2018

Laugh with me (and at me)

In going through old diaries of mine there are certain subjects which can easily reduce me to giggles. I came across one entry from February 2011 that was too entertaining to keep to myself, and I must share it for the amusement of others. I was twenty-one, and completely inexperienced in dating. I was also still deeply closeted, hence my complete failure to mention also falling for women.

... ... ...

I've got to either stop falling for guys, or become more bold. Or fall for a guy who isn't discouraged by my lack of flirtation skills.

Problem is, I'm shy enough approaching people at the best of times. When I've got a crush on that person, the stakes are higher, so it's even harder...

But nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Wait, am I giving myself a pep talk here? A pep talk about my love life. Great.

If I'm not good at flirting should I just write love notes? Love poems? I'm told I'm a good writer...ok, that's what my mom tells me.