Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bisexuality 101

Well, it's come to this. I read an article that was so full of bull manure it sent me scurrying to my blog to write a response. It's about something that seems pretty obvious to me, but which is apparently a difficult concept for some people to grasp.

Facts: Settling down with one person doesn't mean that someone suddenly stops being bisexual. Also, while we're at it, a person cannot be "cured" of their bisexuality by receiving "Gifts for Good Heterosexual Behavior." To say that this is possible is incredibly ignorant.

How about we think this through. Does a gay man stop being gay just because he marries a woman and raises a family with her? No. I think (or hope) that everyone will agree on this one. So why would someone stop being bisexual just because they've decided to be monogamous?

Bisexuality is about attraction, not action. All it means is that someone can be attracted, romantically and/or sexually, to more than one gender. Some individuals act on their attraction to the different genders, while others are happy to settle down with one person. But just because plenty of us are happy with monogamy, that doesn't mean we suddenly become straight or gay. So long as the attraction to more than one gender is there, we're still 100% bisexual. And no, no amount of gift giving will make that attraction disappear.

... ... ...

Let it be noted that the lesson plan for Bisexuality 101 is now ended. Now, on to what started it.

Since I wrote the draft for this post yesterday, the article that prompted it has been taken down and an apology has been issued. And yes, there was actually a section in the article in question titled "Gifts for Good Heterosexual Behavior." I couldn't even finish reading it through at first, it was so full of BS about how Johnny Depp has cured his fiance of being bi with gifts of diamonds.

In other news, if you want a laugh, you may want to read someone else's hilarious response to the article: Great news, everyone! There's a cure for bisexuality! It is pure gold.


Magaly Guerrero said...

What a load of doodoo, indeed. Settling down says nothing about someone's sexuality. It only says that he or she has decided to commit to one person (or to whatever number the parties involved decide works for them).

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I want gifts for Good Lesbian Behaviour!

Sarita Rucker said...

Magaly -- A load of doodoo...a perfect description that has me giggling.

Debra -- I'm sure you can work something out with your Rare One. :)