Sunday, February 16, 2014


I've mentioned before that my boyfriend is a horror geek, and that he introduced me to the genre. Well, it was only a couple days ago that I realized how thoroughly he has corrupted me, and strangely enough it was due to something said on YouTube.

Someone suggested that a great idea for a horror movie would be giant ant mutants caused by human pollution. This person added that a similar movie was made in the 50's about giant ants created by nuclear activity, but that nuclear mutant stories are so passe.

I typically have little clue what people are talking about when they reference movies, so I was surprised to realize that I actually knew exactly which horror movie was being referenced. I certainly won't win a trivia contest in a room full of horror geeks, but obviously some of it is rubbing off on me. Or, one might say, a certain someone is succeeding in corrupting me. Not that I'm complaining. In fact, it may be part of why I love him. :)

(No, I'm not saying what the movie is. I'm curious to see if any of my readers can name it.)

This post is a couple days late for Valentine's Day, but I can tell you that we did watch the movie in question during our date. Which was wonderful, and also involved chocolate. Chocolate ice cream, to be precise. Yum.

I think I've said it before, but I'll say it again. I love that man.


Madam Lost said...

Them. I still remember that movie and I've only seen it once, when it was still in the theaters. The movie taught me all about formic acid. When bitten by an ant, I'm just thankful that it is such a litter critter.

Definitely could use a remake updated for our current fears.

Sarita Rucker said...

All I got about formic acid from the movie is that if you get enough it can kill you. But I guess too much of anything will kill you.

I'm predicting that there will be a lot of movies about climate change messing things up. Actually, we're already seeing that, but I'm expecting there'll be more.