Sunday, July 5, 2015


A few months ago I took two pages, and started writing very different words on each of them. I didn't write the list all at once, and although I haven't added anything for a few weeks I won't say yet that it's complete. On one page is bad things, and on the other page is wonderful things. I tried to not write down a single word twice, but turns out I did a few times.

The pages, separated by a thick red line

Terror. Anger. Invisible. Trapped. Agony. Lashing. Fear. Judgment. Loneliness. Wounded. Isolation. Paralyzed. Hopeless. Pain. Frightened. Crying. Feeling small. Torment. Shame. Hiding. Nightmares. Despair. Desire. Despair. Scars. Frozen. Struggle. Helpless. Scorn. Silenced. Silenced. Distrust. Scared. Holding in. Panic. Shame.

And on the other page...

Giggles. Tasting. Hope. Celebration. Helping. Trust. Enjoy. Cuddles. Fun. Pleasure. Freedom. Affectionate. Compassion. Hugs. Celebrate. Joy. Healing. Freedom. Holding hands. Honesty. Desire. Delight. Snuggles. Touching. Smiles. Caresses. Delight. Chuckling. Empathy. Touching. Love. Kisses. Confiding. Sharing. passion. Grinning. Relaxing. Listening. A future. Friendship. Rejoycing. Massages. Dance. Happiness. Talking. Listening. Exploration. Creation. Opening up.

This is in my sketchbook/journal, and I wasn't sure where I was going when I started these particular pages. But what I eventually realized is that there are more words on the right page than on the left. For all the pain there is in this world, there seems to be more words to describe the good things. I think that's something worth remembering.

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