Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Missing School Already

I'm getting towards the end of my bachelors degree.

This hit me while I was sitting in class last night. I thought about a previous class I'd had in that same classroom, where we had talked about Beowulf and British fairy tales...and then of other English classes. In them I've enjoyed tearing into books, sharing my thoughts and hearing what others think, particularly when they came at the readings from angles I hadn't considered. That's what I love about school. That's what I really, really love. Just sitting down and digging into stories with classmates.

I'm going to miss that.

Sure, I can get people who will peek out of beloved books long enough to talk to me about them elsewhere. For example, at the H.P. Lovecraft Festival (also known as Cthulhu Con). But how often does that come around?

It's my senior year, and I'm really close to graduation. (I would have graduated already if anxiety/depression hadn't messed me up.) I'm already missing school, despite how difficult it has become for me. I'm trying to console myself that it's possible to audit English classes once I've got a bit of money down the road.

And I find myself thinking...I remember being a bit bemused when a classmate wanted a group photo on the final day of summer term, explaining that it was her last day at Marylhurst University. Now I finally get it.

Marylhurst in July 2009


Debra She Who Seeks said...

You'll have to try to find a book club or two with like-minded people. That may help!

Madam Lost said...

OMG. Could this fixation for literature have anything to do with the times she slept on my shoulder as a wee babe during the LSU faculty wives book club meetings?

Sarita Rucker said...

May also have to do with chewing on a certain special edition copy of The Hobbit...

Debra, yeah, I'd probably be looking for a book club with English major types who love to tear into a book like I do. Or is that what always happens at book clubs? I don't know.