Monday, December 14, 2015

Raine Rucker

I am now legally Raine Rucker.

The court date went really smoothly, and to my surprise I never even saw the judge. A group of us who wanted a name change were seated in a courtroom, and a few clerks (were they clerks?) called us up to go over paperwork.

Each of us were called forward twice. The first time we handed over the paperwork, and the the clerks took it off to the judge who was in some other room. Then they brought some of the signed paperwork back, and said that the name change had been granted.

Not what I'd been expecting since I'd read something about being expected to give a reason for our name change. But I'm not complaining.

I did notice one case where it was a bit more complicated, where someone wanted to change the name of his young kid and had to scramble to find the mother's written consent. But I'm going to guess that that was out of the ordinary.

I had to wait for the proof of my name change to be mailed to me, and now I'll get to embark on the process of getting new ID and whatnot. While I'm not looking forward to visiting the DMV, it'll be nice to finally get.

I took this photo in front of the courthouse afterwards, so I thought it worth sharing.