Saturday, July 6, 2013

Tuna Salad

I'm not abandoning this blog. Honest I'm not. I'm just...distracted.

I thought I'd share a recipe for tuna salad. It's one I learned years ago from my mom, and for ages it was the only fish dish I considered edible. Of course, the "fish diet" my doctor put me on for my wacky cholesterol has forced me to expand my horizons and realize that fish and sea food aren't so bad after all. (Except for cat fish. I don't think that's ever edible.) Since I've only shared one other fish recipe, I figured it was about time for me to share another.

It can be enhanced with chopped apples or nuts, or anything else you think would go well in it. I've even tried mushrooms. I usually just fix it as shown here, though. And it's really convenient to put together in the evening and take it to work the next day.



Packet of tuna
Sweet relish
Dill relish
Lemon juice


Put your tuna in a bowl, and add a large spoon of mayo. This can be adjusted to taste.

(Actually, everything can be adjusted to taste.)

Add mayo

Add the rest of the ingredients, to taste. I go a bit heavy on the lemon, light on the sweet relish, and heavy again on the dill relish. I actually added more dill after stirring in everything in the following photo.

Ingredients about to be mixed

And it's as simple as that! Really easy, but it can take some tweaking before you figure out how you really like it. And again, you can try adding nuts and other stuff to it.

Ta da! Done

I guess you can eat it straight like this, but you can also put it on crackers (it's lovely on saltines) or on a sandwich.

The birth of a sandwich

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