Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Reflections...sort of

As of last night I have finished my first term back to school. On one hand I want to just relax, but on the other hand I'd planned to write a "first term back to school: vanquished!" post, in which I reflect on returning to school. So I'm doing the latter, and will probably then watch Doctor Who. Or maybe finally finish reading that new Dresden Files book that I can't believe I still haven't completed.

Funny thing is, I'd expected that I would get back into blogging once I returned to school. Writing would be on my mind anyways, since I chose a writing intensive school and, oh yeah, I was taking three English classes. (I may be slightly nuts.) Obviously, my blogging plans didn't work out as expected. I could blame it on my month long migraine, which I think would be a legit excuse, but I may have been too focused on school anyways.

Oh yes, and that migraine I mentioned? Not the most painful ever, but not mild either. I'm pretty sure it was brought on by stress, probably something to do with relearning the whole school thing, and possibly also to do with the fact that this is the first term I've completed without ADHD meds since I was...probably eighteen. So I'm going to say that this was something of an accomplishment.

And, although I'm still waiting on two of my final grades, I can already tell you that my grades are up from when I left. I'm a bit baffled, but I won't complain.

What have I learned from this last term? Probably that I need to relax and not worry so much, because I can in fact still make decent grades. And not just decent grades, great grades this time around.

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