Monday, April 13, 2015

I want...

I've mentioned before that I've got a new dairy/sketchbook. It's amazing in that it not only helps me figure out how to express myself, but it also helps me think this through and figure myself out. One particular page was all about me figuring out what I want in life. This page isn't particularly artsy, but it helps me get a look at my thought process.

I want...

To start with is the question: How do I find out what I WANT in life? From there I realized that there are various things to think about.

What do I love?
What do I want to change in the world?
What makes me happy?
Who am I?
What are my passions?
Think about my strengths
What are my dreams?

None of those are really answers to my original question, but they're things I need to think about before I can really know what I want in life.

After sitting on it for at least a few days (I bounce around through the pages, and the only dates I keep are on the first page in the form of what months I spend creating the journal) I started to come up with things to put under I WANT. Though, I now realize that saying I NEED may have been a bit more accurate.


I suppose nothing on this page is as specific as "I want ______ as a career" (I cover that on a later page), but it seems a good place to start.

This may not be the final version of the page. Actually I'm sure it isn't, since I'm looking at it now and realizing there's something else that belongs on it. How to express it though...that's the question. And my problem.

Have you ever made a list of wants/needs? What sort of things were on it?

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