Thursday, April 16, 2015


Imagine that you're in a wide open meadow, and it's night. Surrounding you are wildflowers, wonderfully scented, and at the edges of the meadow are old evergreens.

You lay down so that the flowers stand above you, and you look up. Above you there are no clouds, and no moon. You can see as far as anything exists, as the evergreens linger at the edges of your vision. There are stars, galaxies, planets...nebulas...more colors than you can imagine, and more of everything than you would have thought possible. And yet, it's still a small sliver of what exists in this universe.

One could feel very small and insignificant at this sight and realization. But imagine that instead, you feel happy beyond words. And fortunate. Happy to be part of Creation, and fortunate that you are able to help Create a very small part of one planet in this amazing universe.


... ... ...

This more or less describes something that came to me during a meditation recently, and I wanted to share it as best that I can.

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