Monday, November 16, 2015

Makeup Stuff

I caught myself thinking something that shocked me, something that made me take a step back and think. But before I get to that, a bit about my makeup habits and a certain exchange I had regarding them.

For years I rarely wore makeup. When I did start wearing it regularly that was for my first full time job, and because I wanted to look extra good around my boyfriend...even though he told me I was also great without makeup. Even then it was only tinted stuff to kind of smooth things out (actually, does it really do that?) and blush. It wasn't until the last year that I started using concealer, figuring out what kind of eye makeup works for me, or even that how someone does their eyes depends on eye shape. I'm even wearing bright red lipstick on occasion, and it actually looks good on me.

Basically, makeup has become a play toy for me, and tweaking my appearance with it is almost a game.

Among my discoveries is the fact that makeup can take a bit of maintenance throughout the day. For example, since my eyes water easily I have to reapply eyeliner at the edges of my eyes after a few hours. And if I eat while I'm wearing that bright red lipstick (or any other lipstick), I either have to be ok with it being faded or I reapply it. This maintenance isn't always worth the effort, but sometimes I'm fine with it.

One time when I was reapplying my fancy red lipstick Murray reassured me that it wasn't necessary, that I was lovely the way I was. This didn't surprise me since I'd seen him tell another woman that same thing when she was fixing her makeup and hair. This time though, I did say what was on my mind: I know I'm beautiful the way I am, I just want to be a particular and different kind of beautiful right now. I'll return to that point soon. Anyways, I think Murray got it, since he hasn't said anything about me fixing up my makeup since then.

So, the thing that startled me...

There are lots of makeup tutorials on YouTube, and I happened to be watching one the other night. At one point the woman said that because of the way her face was shaped she likes to contour. My immediate response? I wanted to tell her that she looked wonderful the way she was, and that she didn't need to do that.

...and if you'll recall, this was exactly the same conversation I had with my boyfriend. Except, now I was almost saying what he'd said to me.

When I caught myself I was pretty shocked. I don't know if this is just a me thing, or if others who also play with makeup also do it. You know, telling others that we know we don't need the extra makeup and are wearing it because we just like it, but then turn around and want to tell others that they don't need makeup.

Have you found yourself doing this sort of thing, or seen it happen? Thoughts? I'm curious to know what others think or have experienced.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

No, I keep my mouth shut about makeup. It's a touchy subject with most women, I have found, and people can get very defensive about it. Personally, I have never worn makeup on a regular basis -- the only time I ever had full makeup applied, I wanted to claw it right off my face with my bare hands because it felt so awful.

But I love to see people play with makeup for fun or outrageous effect -- both men and women.

Sarita Raine Rucker said...

I didn't even realize what a touchy subject makeup can be until I started paying more attention to it. Then I was surprised at how people view it. It's strange to realize that there are still things I'm unaware of.