Friday, November 13, 2015

Name Change Stuff

I started the legal name change process yesterday, and when I realized that those I've talked to about it don't know how the legal name change is done I figured I should share it here. Because yeah, I hadn't known how it's done before now, but I figured that was just me. I didn't realize how many others also didn't know.

And of course, this is particular to the county and state I live in. For all I know, others might do it differently.

There are two times each week when someone wanting a name change goes to an "orientation" in the courthouse. I put "orientation" in quotes because it was really just taking paperwork I'd filled out to a clerk. It's three different pages that all have basically the same info, although one was completed in the courthouse with the exact location and time that the hearing for the name change will take place. Yep, I have to have a hearing.

After learning when/where the hearing will be and sorting out the paperwork stuff, the clerk kept two pieces of my paperwork. I got the one with my hearing info, and posted that along with other name change notices. It will stay posted there until my hearing, and I'll retrieve it on my way to the courtroom.

The last thing I had to do yesterday was pay a fee, which was $111. Now I just wait for the hearing, which is in December. Oh yes, and I also have to fill out more paperwork in the meantime.

I think that the hearing should be as straightforward as yesterday, though hopefully with slightly less getting lost. (Finding the first clerk was easy enough, but then I got lost both finding where to post my notice and pay, and again retracing my steps to leave. I genuinely don't know if the clerk gave me a confusing map or if I'm just easily confused.) Basically I retrieve my posted notice to bring to the hearing, plus other paperwork I have to fill out in the meantime. It will be asked if anyone objects to my name change, and when no one speaks up it will be granted. Then I'll get more paperwork proving my name change...and thus will be the fun process of going to places like my credit union and bank to tell them about the change.

I'll write about the hearing after it's taken place. :)


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Very cool! I legally changed my name in 1983, the year after I graduated from university. I changed my middle name from "Kim" to my mother's maiden name. It cost me $35 but then again, that was over 30 years ago, LOL! It was done administratively through the Department of Vital Statistics and did not involve an actual hearing. I'm surprised to hear that it does in your jurisdiction. You would think that it would be inordinately expensive for the state to hold a hearing in every one of these cases.

But oh well, have fun at your hearing!

Sarita Raine Rucker said...

Maybe the $111 is to cover it being expensive for them...? Then again they only have the hearing one day a week, and I'm guessing on average they get no more than about thirty people each time. Just, based on what I saw of the notices I saw posted...we'll see when I get there. So that probably cuts expenses back.