Sunday, June 2, 2013

When the power goes out

What do you do when the power goes out?

The very first thing I do is turn the computers off. Always. I'm not sure how young I was when I got that lesson instilled in me: when the power goes off, immediately turn off the computers. Or bad things may happen.

Besides, the beeping of the battery backup is annoying as heck.

Obviously, it's also a good idea to check the circuit breaker and call the power company. You know, figuring out how to get the power back on, and making sure that the power company knows there's a problem that needs to be fixed.

But once that's all done, what do you do?

After the necessities were done, I figured I had a few options. (In case you haven't guessed already, my family was without power for a couple hours today.) Two things that wouldn't require electricity were going to the park or playing piano, but I wasn't in the mood for either. I could have cleaned a rat cage, and that does need to get done today, but I decided to wait until I had more light.

I also considered doing something with my hands like spinning yarn, but I like to listen to music or an audio book while doing that. Which I could do with my iPhone, true, but I didn't want to use up the battery.

A bit of time was spent while I considered the above options and tried to figure out what to do with myself. Eventually, though, it occurred to me that I could return to what I'd been doing when the power went out in the first place.

I read a book.

Yeah, what I'd been doing when the power went out didn't require electricity at all, so I didn't need to waste any time pondering how to survive.

Stop laughing.

Open Book by George Hodan

Sad thing is that, when I finished the book, I started wasting battery life on my iPhone. I may be slightly addicted to the internet.

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