Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Warning: frustrated rant ahead.

Last year it was an undiagnosed health problem. It involved nausea, appetite loss, and inevitably weight loss. Eventually that cleared up, as mysteriously as it had arrived.

This year it seems to be migraines. And I'm getting rather frustrated.

My first one was in May, and they've been monthly since then. I had one the first weekend after I started work, and it's the only one that was super painful like you always hear about. Fortunately, because of timing, I didn't have to call in sick.

Random fun fact: migraines aren't always super painful.

But even when they aren't excruciating, they can be a problem. I'm finding that my migraines can include a visual aura, confusion during onset, aching eyes (I didn't even know that was possible), sensitivity to light (not sure why that one surprised me), and some amount of nausea. My aura is usually blue lights, but not always. Between all of these things (oh, and unpleasant side effects of migraine meds...don't get me started there) I stayed in pajamas for two days last week.

After the worst of the migraine was gone I suffered mild headaches daily. Not enough to stop me from getting out and about, but enough that I decided Advil is my friend.

And then...last night.

It appears my migraine returned. It's been mild, and not enough to keep me home: a manageable headache with some aura last evening and today. I don't want to call it a migraine, but I suspect I'd be kidding myself if I said otherwise. And I'm frustrated because I hadn't even fully recovered from the last one. Also (warning: possible TMI ahead), my period had seemed to be the trigger each month, which it definitely can't be now since that ended last Saturday.

So. I'm rather frustrated with my body for doing weird things to me that I don't understand. At least when the migraines were coinciding with my period that made them seem mildly predictable, even though they treated me differently each time. So I'm getting particularly frustrated with it today.

And yes, I'm talking to the doctor. I'd been hoping to find some preventative treatment, but if they aren't only happening during my period now I don't know if that's possible.


I'd actually forgotten how therapeutic writing is...I sort of don't want to hit the "Publish" button since this is a rather depressing post, but I think clicking it will also be therapeutic. So please forgive me for being depressing.

Hopefully I'll have other more cheerful posts up soon. I do have some writing ideas, I just need to get myself out of this brain dead state I seem to be in when it comes to writing. Oh, writer's that what it's called? Yeah, I guess this thing has a name...

I've never said this before that I can recall, but if anyone has suggestions for what I should write about let me know. If I have actual suggestions/requests, as opposed to ideas that are just floating around in my head, that may help get me writing again.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

It just sucks that you've developed migraines. I hope the doctor can find a way to ease them for you.

As for writers block, maybe check out those blogs that give daily writing prompts? I don't know any names but I know they're out there.

Sarita Rucker said...

I know a couple places I can find writing prompts. I'll have to take another look at them.

Thanks. :)