Thursday, August 15, 2013


Put this under the category of things I find funny about our culture.

Someone asked me my age the other day, and she seemed surprised at how young I am when I told her I'm twenty-four. Yet when I asked if I seem older, and she was somewhat quick to say that I look young.

I've written before that it seems funny to me for us to be so obsessed with youth, and for gray hair and wrinkles to be bad things. And...and although I want to write about it, I'm not sure what else to say. It just seems sort of sad.

But on a related note, if youth is so prized, why are some waiters so apologetic about wanting to see my ID when I order a drink with my meal? Ok, yeah, sometimes people don't have their ID (or are actually underage) and get irate. It still seems like it ought to be a compliment, considering.

Thus are my random ramblings this evening.

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