Monday, August 5, 2013

Recent lessons in life...

...or maybe lessons that I only recently understood.

1) When I work full time I can get distracted from writing. I think it happened with my first full time job, and it's happening again with this one.

(This needs to change. The distracted bit, not the working bit.)

2) Giving the rats coffee ice cream may be a mistake, but I cannot find it in me to regret this choice.

3) Maybe I shouldn't have tried to move on past the "easy" and/or "boring" parts of Dungeons and Dragons so quickly. That could be why things got so hard that I gave up for a while.

(Don't ask how I deemed certain quests "boring"...sometimes I astound myself.)

4) Tea is good. Tea is very good.

5) Push ups make it easier to lift heavy boxes at work. Duh.

6) While I don't get hungover on gin and tonic, beer is another story. This is an experience I do NOT want to repeat.

7) I miss my apartment.

I may expound on some of these lessons soon.

Detail Of A Cup With Tea by Petr Kratochvil

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