Sunday, June 3, 2012

Looking good!

There are quite a few things that I didn't write about since I wasn't really blogging for a while, and here is one of them.

Stress can cause acne. So you would expect that moving into my own apartment might cause me to get more acne, right? Well guess what? The acne actually cleared up right after I moved.

I didn't even realize that my skin was looking better. I knew my face looked different (weird, I thought) but I was trying to avoid looking at myself too closely in the mirror. Of course I looked at myself, but I didn't look. If that makes any sense.

It took my boyfriend, "Murray", commenting on it for me to notice that it had cleared up. He observed it very carefully, like he thought that his observation of my clear skin might offend me.

I had been waiting for my skin to clear up for maybe ten years and when it finally happened my boyfriend had to point it out to me. I guess I was really distracted.

Unfortunately my acne returned in the last week, but hey, I had about a month of it being fairly well cleared up. :)


Toriz said...

In a way it's good that you didn't notice; shows you are happy with how you look with or without it! :)

Sarita Rucker said...

More like resigned. And not wanting to think about it. But not too unhappy. And the fact that my boyfriend thinks I'm really hot makes me feel good about my looks. :)