Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pagan Values Month: Music

The prompt I've chosen for today is on the topic of music. What Pagan music do I like?

This one is titled "The Hunt is On" and it's sung by Heather Alexander. I don't know if she actually is Pagan but she has some other Pagan themed music, as well as lots about fairies. :)

The next one is by the band Omnia and it's about the Morrigan.

Not all of Omnia's songs are quite so warlike, just FYI.

I also like music from the CD Return of the Goddess by Lindie Lila, and you can find her stuff on YouTube. Heather Dale also has some Pagan themed songs (including one about the Morrigan) although most of her music that I own is actually about the Arthurian legends.

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