Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pagan Values Month: Magical Herbs

Today's Pagan Blog Prompts that I'm writing from is on the topic of magical herbs.

Do you use herbs in your practice? Do you grow them or purchase them from someone else?

What are your favorite herbs to work with?


Yes I use herbs.

When I smudge I like to use sage that I planted and harvested myself from my parent's backyard. In fact, as I type, I've got a bunch hanging to dry behind me! This stuff though will probably be used in food, and given away to friends if I can manage it. I slightly harvested more than I know what to do with, even though I still didn't thin out the overgrown sage in my herb patch the way I maybe should have.

I've also got mint hanging up to dry, but I never have actually used it in my practices.

There's also blackberry vine, and as I mentioned a couple days ago is rather special to me. I'll smudge with it if it'll burn (that can be a challenge) and have crumbled the leaves into salt when cleansing. Just tending the vines I've got in my parent's backyard is good for me spiritually, and I guess you could say it's somewhat refreshing. Even more so than gardening with any other plant.

Don't tell me that blackberry isn't an herb. I don't care. :)


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Impressive? I didn't think so. I just thought it was fun.