Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Cthulhu Wars

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It was at Cthulhu Con that I had my first real brush with people playing RPGs face to face. Yeah, I guess the D&D I've played is technically an RPG, but I've only played it online. Not with someone else who was actually sitting across the table from me.

The game was Cthulhu Wars, and its creator Sandy Petersen was test running it. The game pieces were even prototypes, apparently, and Sandy was telling people not to pick them up by their tentacles or wings. Apparently he had to glue Cthulhu's head back on at one point, because it came off...

I didn't follow the game very well. I missed the beginning, and I left to attend a reading before I could catch the end. But I did pick up a few little details, such as the fact that the players are playing the Old Ones themselves, which is apparently unusual in Lovecraft inspired RPGs. I can also tell you that it looked like a lot of fun.

Maybe I'll get a chance to play Cthulhu Wars sometime. Or perhaps another RPG with people who are sitting across a table from me. I would like that.

Nerdy gamers having fun -- Sandy is bottom right

I also attended a panel about keeping fear alive in games, which was pretty interesting. I shared the notes from that on my book blog, which you can read here.

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