Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Rat Cages

I'm too exhausted mentally to think of anything really meaningful to write about, so I'll just share a few photos of the new cage I got my rats. Well, "new" as in I got it in early December.

Why am I so exhausted? I spent a lot of the day just writing down my emotions so that I can see them. I express myself better with the written word than with talking, it's nice to see things written down in front of me, and so far I've got 4,090 words on various subjects...but all of those words are on problems need to either solve or emotions come to terms with. I hadn't anticipated how emotionally exhausting it would be to go through that. And it's still surprising to me how exhausting it is to let myself feel and experience emotions rather than try to talk to myself about them, and even trying to think myself out of them...which I'd been in the habit of doing. Meh. I need chocolate...

Yes, I'm talking about emotions without telling you exactly what they are. Let's just say they're related to anxiety/depression, and the cause or possibly results thereof.

On to rat cage photos!

The box, unopened

I think I'll just share what I wrote about this on Facebook when I shared the photo...

I started opening it, and mom asked if some assembly is require.

No. A new cage that's taller than me is fully assembled in this box. How? Time Lord technology. It's bigger on the inside.

Now I just need to figure out how to put it together.

Old cage vs. new cage

Here are the old and new cages side by side. Yes, the new one is giant by comparison, and taller than me.

Why did I get such a bigger cage? The old one was showing its age, I thought it was time to get a new one, and I couldn't buy a decent cage without either downsizing or getting this one. And since I refused to downsize the rats' home, this seemed my best bet. I don't think the girls are complaining, though.

Blocking off the halves...

There's a top half and a bottom half, and conveniently enough there's a ramp between the two that can be raised to let me lock Kora and Aniki in one half of the cage while I clean the other half. You can see this in the above photo.

They've got hammocks

So, yeah, I had fun taking a few photos halfway through cleaning the cage one time.

And there's a hideout whose sides are puzzle pieces...kind of

Oddly enough I don't have any photos that takes in the whole cage other than the one above from before I made it habitable. Maybe I should fix that soon...

If you have small pets, do you get excitable about their cages?


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Wow! That is positively palatial!

Sarita Rucker said...

They certainly seem to think so. :)