Sunday, February 1, 2015

Writing Goal

New goal: Write a blog post every day for the next two weeks.

This is an idea that's been bouncing around in my head for much of the last week. My reasoning behind it is that I'm just not doing some things that I want to do these days, one of which is write. And while I don't want to commit to a long term goal, I think I can manage a short term goal of two weeks.

I stopped writing for a couple reasons reasons that I need to call bullshit on myself for. One is that I feel like I have trouble coming up with ideas for blog posts, and the second is that I wonder who will want to read much of what I do come up with to write about. Come to think of it, the latter could be making the first worse. It's my hope that hitting the "publish" button on this blog every day for two weeks might help me snap out of this.

As to what I'll write about, I don't know for sure what all I'll cover in the next two weeks. I figure that if nothing else, I can write about something nice that happened within the previous twenty-four hours, even if it's something I don't think anyone will be interested in reading about. (I can be a pessimist at times.) At least I'll be writing. And someone might surprise me. (Maybe I'm a pessimist who tries to be an optimist...?)

In addition to writing every day, I may finally publish some of what's lurking in my draft folder. Some of the things that I started writing, but decided no one would want to read, go back to over a year ago. While a few of them definitely won't be relevant to where I am right now, it might be worth finally sharing them.

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Madam Lost said...

Write to please yourself. Yes, an audience is nice, but not necessary.

I've missed your blog posts, but didn't want to beg for more. I honor of your return to blogging, I will write a blog post once a day for the next two weeks, starting tomorrow.