Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Former Dream House

Koi pond

It's a bit funny how the above photo led to this post.

I was amazed to find how relaxing it as to relax with my feet in a koi pond, and it reminded me of a dream house I was sure that I had once sketched with a koi pond stretching from the front yard into the living room. Well, I was unable to find that particular sketch, if I ever did draw it, but I decided to share another one.

(And I really would love a koi pond. They're amazingly relaxing.)

The idea behind the house below was that it would be placed in a forest (full of Douglas fir trees because, I freaking love them and spent much of my childhood surrounded by them), and as many of the walls as possible would be windows so that I could look outside and see the trees and wildlife any time I liked. When drawing it originally, I even remember imagining being able to see bears when looking outside.

Cleaned up sketch

Above is a cleaned up sketch, I think it's easier to understand, though it's lacking certain details like curtains and ventilation. And yes, there really are lots of windows, even between rooms whenever possible. I notice though that although there is an abundance of bookshelves, which I love, things are also a bit sparse. If I moved in to that house today I'd put dressers in the bedrooms, and fill up the front room a bit. It also occurs to me that with that sort of space, I'd be able to put in a few cat trees.

Original messy sketch

Just go give a written description of the house...

I've got a front room with lots of open space, and only containing a sofa, piano, and small bookshelves. There's a hallway going all around the outside of the house, with the outside walls being windows. (Floor to ceiling? I don't know.) I've got my bedroom, a guest bedroom, one corner has lots of bookshelves with a comfortable chair. Then of course I've got the necessary kitchen, with a dining room, plus a utility room and a bathroom. And, as stated before, windows between them whenever practical.

I guess I was pretty excited about the windows and having everything as open as possible, so that I could quiet enjoy forest life.


And, just because I've been getting excitable with photos recently, my desk as I was redrawing the house blueprint.

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