Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Donkey Kong 64

Picking up where yesterday's post left off...

Did Tall One regret getting rid of his N64? Yes

Has Tall One recently bought himself a new one, along with Donkey Kong 64? Yes.

(By the way, even though lots of old games are available on the new Wii he got recently, Donkey Kong 64 isn't. That's because of some sort of weird copy right thing that's unusual.)

Donkey Kong's home...and I spy a pinup poster

The N64 came with this game on Saturday, and Tall One started playing it pretty quickly. It was amazing how much of it was familiar, and how much I remembered...of the landscape, anyways. But that's what I really liked about playing: exploring. So I remembered that bit pretty well, but had forgotten about the annoying giant bees that will sting you if you get in their shadow.

Oh, and I now have the music stuck in my head. *sigh* I'm sure I will get weird looks from people if I start humming it randomly.

I'm gald that Tall One got the game. :)

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