Saturday, September 8, 2012

Out of the broom closet

The latest from Pagan Blog Prompts...

Are you in or out of the proverbial "Broom Closet"?
Do those around you know of your religion/faith/beliefs?
Or is your pagan-nature something you have to hide?

I'm not in the broom closet. I am so far out of the broom closet that I couldn't find my way back if I tried. In fact, I bombed the closet door with a nuke. But I didn't destroy the closet itself, because I've got to have someplace to keep my broom, right?

Not that I go around randomly telling people "Hey, I'm a Pagan!" But I do wear my pentacle ring and usually my pentacle pendent (yes, two pieces of pentacle jewelry...what?), which I guess is sort of the same thing. Although a couple of people have complimented me on my "Star of David"...has this happened to anyone else?

If people ask about my pentacle, I'll tell them what it is. Some don't have to ask. People can find this blog if they Google me, and I've also got it on my Facebook profile for all my FB friends to see.

So yeah, I'm not exactly in the closet. :)

That being said, sometimes when I'm going into a new situation with new people I get the feeling that it would be best to hide the pentacle. It doesn't happen often, but when my gut tells me to hide it I listen. One case where I always keep the pentacle out of sight (if I remember) is during job interviews, though if the interviewer has found this blog s/he will already know. But the pentacle usually comes out fairly quickly once I actually get hired.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I laughed at the "Star of David" example. I used to have a labrys hanging from my car's rear view mirror and a couple of people complimented me on my "tomahawk."

Sarita Rucker said...

Wow. I can get people mistaking my pent for a Star of David since they're both stars, but thinking your labrys is a tomahawk? I want to know how that happens.