Friday, September 28, 2012

Sleaze bag?

It's not like I meant to eves drop. But you know, sometimes you just can't help it when that one person on the bus is talking so loudly. This guy happened to be on his phone, and looked really cool about it. I hadn't even realized it was possible to make talking on your phone look cool.

"Please don't take this the wrong way. Take it as a compliment: I usually don't find women attractive, but I find you maddeningly attractive."

As I listened I almost half believed it. He was a real smooth talker. He had already told the woman on his phone that she was the "perfect storm" of womanhood, or something like that anyways.

After getting off the bus I spent a little while speculating on whether the guy was being honest, or if he was just a sleaze bag. I'm leaning towards sleaze bag. Maybe because he reminds me of another possible sleaze bag I've written about who tried another version of the whole "I normally don't find women attractive, but..." on me.

I admit, it's people like him who keep mass transit interesting. Just so long as I can keep them at arms length, or observe them from a distance without getting involved. :)

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