Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sweet Adelines jewelry

While packing and unpacking for this move I came across some jewelry and medals that I haven't really looked at in a while. So I guess this is my "show-and-tell" post. :)
Here I've got two medals -- and some jewelry -- that I picked up during the years that I competed with the Pride of Portland chorus. Pride of Portland (PoP) is part of Sweet Adelines International, which is an international organization of women who sing Barbershop music. PoP is the best chorus locally, and whenever they compete regionally they always take first. Always.
Blue regional medal
This is my first place regional medal, on top of the blue chord it came on. When another chorus won the following year I put it on the gold chain. (The winning chorus has to sit out a year, so even though PoP always wins someone else gets the blue medal every two years.) As you can see, though, I've kept the blue chord it came on. And yes, that's a golden butterfly attached to the chord.

Wild woman

There are four parts to be sung in Barbershop music: bass, baritone, lead, and tenor. At conventions we like to wear pins that show what part we are. I'm a lead, and mom got me this wild woman pin that says "LEAD".

A tamer lead pin (with rhinestones)

I love rhinestones. What Sweet Adeline doesn't? It's sort of a prerequisite. Rhinestones and sequins. :) Though I think this pin needs some cleaning...

SAI pin

PoP is part of Region 24, and since this has the region number on it I think we got it at a regional. The pin reads:


Another pin, this one covered in flowers and saying "Aloha Vancouver 2008". I know we had a regional competition in Vancouver Washington, and that may have been the year that international competition in Hawai'i...I'm going to run with that theory, and say that this pin is probably from a regional competition and that the theme was due to the upcoming bigger competition in Hawai'i.
9th at international competition
This is my medal from when PoP went to the international competition in Hawai'i. I'm rather proud of it. That competition is sort of like a battle of the titans, so getting into the top 10 is quite something.

If I ever wear the medal again I'll put it on its own chain, or find a necklace that can display both it and my regional medal. In the meantime I'll leave it on the light blue medal that I got it on.

Someday PoP will win the gold at international competition. That's the plan, anyways. Maybe I'll be back with them by then. In the meantime there's the slight problem of that I never seem to have both the time and money to compete with them anymore.

Looking at these brings back memories, though sharing those would make this post far too long.

Do you have jewelry or medals that bring back memories?


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Nice bling! I still have my United Church pin that I got for perfect attendance at Sunday School one year. I should dig it out and wear it some day.

Sarita Rucker said...

A pin for perfect attendance at Sunday School? What does it look like?

I wish I could get an award for perfect attendance at school. :)