Saturday, September 1, 2012

We need libraries

We need libraries. This seems like an obvious statement to me, but for some reason some people want to reduce funding to libraries, or even remove their funding entirely.

Why do we need libraries? Well let's see...

There's the obvious reason of them providing free books, free music, and free movies. (Well, sort of free -- our tax dollars do pay for them. I'll address this further later.) This means that I can read many books that I otherwise wouldn't have access to, because I am unable to spend money every time I want to read a new book.

Libraries also have free programming, such as lessons for seniors on how to use computers, story time, early literacy programs, summer reading...and more. Really, where else can you find all this?

There are also computers available for patron use, and free wi-fi. Sure you could go to a cafe to use their wi-fi, but you have to be a paying customer. And they're unlikely to provide a computer for you to use.

Then of course there is the fact that libraries provide free information, with people (who have master degrees in how to research things!!!) to help you find what you need.

Some libraries also provide additional items, such as Kindles, digital cameras, cultural passes...and more useful things that are free if you get a (free) library card.

Now, back to what I said about all this "free" stuff not really being is true that we pay tax dollars to keep our libraries going. Sure, that's money that we can't spend on ourselves, or on groceries and rent. But in a way we are spending it on ourselves: libraries are a wonderful resource that you will probably need at some time in your life, and which I expect would be too expensive if they were paid for any other way.

Please, think about this if you ever consider voting no on giving money to public libraries.

Old Books by Petr Kratochvil 

For even more reasons why we need libraries, click here. Yes there are more reasons, and the article also goes into details that I've neglected.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I agree with you -- libraries are an important use of tax money!

Carrie said...

Completely agree! A world without libraries is not one I want to live in.

Sarita Rucker said...

Debra -- Yep. And yet some people want to get rid of taxes...weird.

Carrie -- Ditto.