Friday, November 9, 2012

Gaming dreams?

I play Dungeons and Dragons. Tall One plays Minecraft.

I did experiment with Minecraft, and on a free trial I played it for about an hour and a half. I even got Tall One to tell me how to make things, so it wasn't 100% me puzzling out how to stay alive and not get eaten by a zombie or whatever.

Obviously, I have spent considerably more time playing D&D.

Yet guess which one I've dreamed about? Yeah, Minecraft. Go figure.

I can't remember the first dream, but in the second one I was remodeling my family's previous house Minecraft style. And whatever I alteration I made to the house was in the form of blocks. I was adding on an outdoor play area for the cats, which is something I had happy daydreams about when we lived there.

And now, because I have no idea where my Minecraft screen shots disappeared to, here is one from D&D.

D&D graveyard with jack-a-lanterns

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