Friday, November 2, 2012

Poor Beka

Less than two weeks ago I took Sabine to the vet for an injury to her toe. I was concerned, but not seriously afraid for her health.

But now I'm rather worried about Beka.

She started tilting her head Saturday night. I had to wait until Monday to call the vet, and took her in on Tuesday. I was told it was an ear infection, and the vet sent me home with meds for her.

Then last evening Beka's balance went really screwy, and she became disoriented. Thank gods mom thought about the Dove Lewis emergency hospital for pets, because I had never really given the place any thought.

(Also, thank gods mom paid for the visit.)

The emergency care vet who I saw was very up front about not being an expert on rats, but said that she didn't think Beka was in any immediate danger. She sent info from the visit to my regular vet, who I have another appointment with in about four hours.

And as though this weren't enough to upset me...I've got some people in the NW rat group I'm part of telling me that my vet isn't worth anything. After some consideration I have chosen to trust some local vets I've spoken with who tell me that he's good (since not only are they local, they're also vets), but I've got at least one person in the group ticked off at me for who I've been taking my rats to.

...I keep removing then adding back in the paragraph about the rat group people being displeased with me, but it's part of the whole situation so I guess I may as well share it. Also, in case any of them somehow find this blog, I do want to just provide some explanation for why I am returning to my regular vet rather than finding a new one.

Any good vibes for Beka would be appreciated. She's lost weight and acts like she's drunk.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Best wishes to Beca -- I hope the infection can be brought under control quickly. And you must take her to whichever vet YOU think best. It's nobody else's place to criticize or get ticked off at your choices for her. They're just being control freaks.

Sarita Rucker said...


We doubled the dosage on her current meds (Baytril) and added some Metacam since I was concerned she might be in pain. I'm hoping that she shows some improvement soon. At this point it's painful to watch her.

Sarita Rucker said...

Doubling the dosage being relative...I'm not actually giving her twice as much, but she's lost some weight so it's twice the dosage according to her body weight.