Thursday, February 21, 2013

Closeted minorities

Bi pride flag
A couple months ago I read a couple of articles on the topic of bisexual invisibility. One I liked, and the other I didn't. (They're here and here. Guess which I liked better. Hint: the one that doesn't tell off all closeted bisexuals.) They both discuss whether closeted bisexuals are to blame for our invisibility, and whether more bisexuals need to be out.

I found this an interesting topic, and want to respond as both a bisexual and as a Pagan. Yep, that's right, I'm responding as a member of two different minorities. And I'm clumping them together at the moment because this is an issue that is often discussed by both. I'll separate them again in a minute.

Pentacle, from
To start off, yes I think we would all benefit if we had more people out of the closet. The more visibility we have, the easier it is to show people that we aren't baby eating demons. It will also help people realize that yes we do exist.

That being said, I have to agree with Lauren Kinsey that it isn't always possible.
"I believe that some people are in the closet because they don't have the necessary resources to be out and proud in the face of discrimination. Those resources could be economic, emotional or intellectual."
This being the case, I believe that those of us who can come out have a responsibility to seriously consider doing so. But in the end I won't argue with anyone who chooses to stay closeted, no matter their reason(s). It's a very personal decision and the only person whose choice I feel I can judge is my own.

Now I'm going to split up Pagans and bisexuals again so that I can talk about how to be out. In my experience, it's different for both.

For Pagans it can be pretty easy. I wear a pentacle, and as a result am pretty much screaming loud and clear that I'm Pagan. Well, ok, so it gets mistaken for a Star of David at times... *sigh*

As a bisexual it can be harder. Unless I'm somehow making this more complicated than necessary. You can tell me whether you think I'm making a big deal of it unnecessarily (possibly I am) tomorrow when you read the post that I am dedicating to the subject.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I agree with you. Everyone has the right to decide for themselves whether and how out to be. But the more accepting it is "out there," the more likely people will feel safe about coming out. So those who are out do a great service for our community.

Sarita Rucker said...