Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I guess I haven't had much to write about here in the last week.

Which is different from what I was going to say at first, which is that I haven't been in a writing mood...but then I realized that I wrote a bit over at my book blog, and that I have a few other ideas for posts there. It's just this blog that where I'm not sure what to write.

Or rather, I have had a few ideas, but got stuck on writing them.

So...writers block?

But I want to write something, anything, for this blog, so I figure I may as well write something even if it's nonsense.

So...what to write?

I have discovered the joys of the Terminator movies. Which is what my last two posts have been about at my book blog. (Yeah, movies on a book blog.) I think I may have a new obsession. I watched the final movie today, and now I want to read the books.

I also finished reading The Dresden Files: Dead Beat by Jim Butcher today. I don't have any more of the series on I'll either have to either the next several books from my library, or wait until I see my boyfriend again. I'll probably wait until I see my boyfriend. He's been my supplier of them. Or maybe my dealer.

And just to complete the randomness here, a random photo.

Growing Sunflower by Anna Langova