Friday, January 25, 2013

Distrac...hey, squirrel!

Since I'm easily distracted...

Squirrel by Anna Langova
For the last several days I've had a hard time focusing. Left to my own devices I would flit between my computer and my iPhone, between different websites. I could sometimes focus enough to write a blog post or do something else. (Actually, I didn't write any of those posts in one setting...nor this one.) But unless I was interacting with another person I kept going off into my own little world. Heck, I didn't even try to read, despite being super excited about the reading the next Dresden Files book.

(I'm just starting book four, by the way.)

I seem to be coming out of it, whatever "it" was, and am trying to figure out what was going on with me. I figure it's one of two things. Either 1) a "flare up" of ADHD, or 2) dealing with losing two pets in two days last week. Maybe it's both together.

If it's the second, time will help. If it's the first...perhaps some research will help, as well as talking to others with ADHD/ADD. And considering my history with ADHD, I suspect that it's at least partially to blame.

I first noticed ADHD "flare ups" sometime in the last year. The first may have been last October when I mentioned that I was having trouble with impulse control, which resulted in me annoying/ticking off more than one person. I hadn't heard about "flare ups" though, so I was puzzled. But I didn't ask too many questions. This time I decided that questions needed to be asked, and perhaps research done.

I turned to Facebook as my starting point with questions, asking if anyone else with ADHD/ADD has experienced something similar. And guess what? I was told by someone else with ADHD/ADD that it's normal.

It's normal. Normal. Whew. I'm not just the weird one. Well, maybe I am weird, but I have a bunch of other weird people who share my weirdness. Which is good. We can be weird together.

So now I need to figure out how to cope with future "flare ups". I guess it's time to put my research skills to use.'s so weird how I still don't understand everything about my ADHD, and am still learning how to deal, despite having lived with it my whole life.

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