Monday, January 7, 2013

Life isn't fair

Today's post is going to be partially a rant about how unfair life is, and partially to cry. And, although I'll keep it clean, I really can't accurately describe how I feel without resorting to profanity. And I'm normally not the type to use profanity.

About a couple months ago the vet told me that Beka's front teeth are crooked, and that they needed to be trimmed. He said they'll need trimming...I forget exactly how often. Maybe three to four weeks. But I was supposed to be ok waiting three weeks between a trim.

Turned out three weeks was too long. Beka's teeth grow too quickly, or something, and it wasn't a good situation when I brought her back in for a trimming.

I wound up deciding to aim for every two weeks.

On the two weeks schedule I was supposed to bring her in for a tooth trim this Wednesday. Then last night I noticed that her upper teeth were hurting her lower lip due to their length, and realized that they really need to be trimmed several days ago.

Are they just growing more quickly as time goes by?!? That's what it seems like.

I've called the vet and will bring her in late this afternoon for the trimming. That's the soonest they could get her in.

(I should acknowledge here that it is possible to trim the teeth at home. But I don't have the necessary knowledge, and from what little I know I'm not sure that I have the tools either. And I'm afraid I would just hurt her worse in my ignorance.)

Good thing she's already on meds (due to her ear infection) that will help with the pain, and they'll also keep any hurts inflicted by her too long teeth from getting infected. And from what I'm seeing, they'll both be be helpful with her tooth situation as it is at the moment.

At the risk of sounding self centered, when this post is really about Beka's emotions are a mix of upset, anger, and guilt. I know that not all of these emotions are reasonable. Anger isn't helpful, especially since it's with the situation instead of being directed at a person. And there's no reason to feel guilty when I'm already trying to do my best for Beka.

I hope that Beka and I both feel better after her tooth trimming today. And her next trimming will be less than two weeks out.

Really, she doesn't need to deal with this in addition to fighting off a lingering ear infection that still has her crawling around on her side. She doesn't need this.

Rat in coffee cup. Because it's too cute, and this post is too serious.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Poor Beca. You'll find out the schedule that works best for her although unfortunately it has involved trial and error.

When I had pet rabbits, they had the same issue -- their front teeth grow continually. That's why they always needed something to gnaw on in their cages -- fresh green willow twigs (which my Dad would find and cut for me) or some commercially available gnaw sticks. Would something like that help Beca to keep her own teeth under control?

Sarita Rucker said...

I wish that would work. Problem is that with them crooked she is actually unable to keep them under control.

Sabine has no problem keeping keeping her teeth a reasonable length. (They're actually shorter than what the vet says is to be expected. Huh.) So if Beka's teeth weren't crooked, I'm sure she would have no problem tending them herself using whatever method(s) her sister does.

Magaly Guerrero said...

Poor Beka, and poor you. Don't think you've been self-centered, I would be falling to pieces (and probably angry, too). Debra is right, you'll work it out.

Sarita Rucker said...

Falling to pieces. Well, I have cried over her more than once...

I feel better after getting her teeth trimmed. We also discussed her other health issues, and it was good to touch base on that.

I'm sure Beka also feels better, and it'll be easier for her to eat now. She also seems to like the canned food they recommended I feed her.