Saturday, January 26, 2013

Norovirus and vomit

Have you heard of the norovirus? I have. I learned about it a couple days ago, and wish that I were still blissfully ignorant of it.

First mom got the norovirus on Thursday evening, and then spent the night throwing up. Luckily she began to feel (sorta) better the next day.

But now Tall One is throwing up. And I am afraid that he will continue throwing up the rest of the night.

Bad news: I am not good at dealing with people throwing up.

Good news: I haven't had to do cleanup duty (yet).

More bad news: I'm afraid I may yet become a victim of the norovirus.

In an attempt to not be thoroughly horrified, and in trying to keep a sense of humor, I turn to the Vlogbrothers to see what they say about vomit.

I am glad to say that neither my mom nor my brother have thrown up in anyplace that John Green mentioned. Or anyways, to the best of my knowledge they haven't. Though I think mom did throw up in a parking lot.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

That post title is a real attention-getter, LOL! And that video is absolutely hilarious. I know someone who once puked in a friend's BRAND NEW car and completely destroyed that new car smell.

I hope everyone feels better soon at your house and that you don't catch it too.

Sarita Rucker said...

The worst place I threw up was on a bus, right next to a cute guy.

I also really hope that I don't catch it. I also hope that my brother isn't throwing up in the middle of the night again.