Sunday, March 17, 2013

Project Lucid Dreaming

I am revisiting my old plan of learning to lucid dream. As part of this project I reviewed my old dream journal, which I kept from September 9th, 2010 to January 17th, 2011. I noticed a few trends, and it'll be interesting to see if my dreams (now that I'm starting the journal back up again) keep the same trends.

  • There's usually at least one person who I can put a name to, even if it's a fictional person (like Darth Vader or Gandalf)
  • I often know the place where the dream takes place, even if it doesn't translate accurately into dream land
  • In particular, I tended to dream about school...or at least, my dreams often took place on campus
  • Spirituality?
  • I may have been slightly horny in some of my dreams...

Also, although it wasn't exactly a theme, there were two dreams that...well, not to analyze them too much (ok, so I may be slightly) should have maybe suggested to me that I am bisexual.

As the journal progressed I was able to write down more details about my dreams. Entries went from being more bullet points to being written more fluidly. If that makes sense. Well, I've obviously lost some of that, since my newest entry for today basically consists of two brief bullet points.

...a strange thing I just noticed. I know I had a little bit of success with lucid dreaming. Not much, but some. Yet there's only one dream in the journal where I was apparently aware that I was dreaming. Huh. I guess the other dreams happened after I'd abandoned the journal.

Moon by Petr Kratochvil

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