Sunday, March 31, 2013


Traditional Easter Eggs by Petr Kratochvil
The BC Highland Games are always Easter weekend. Always.

Don't ask me why. I didn't set the date.

Because my brother competes on his Highland pipes at the Games this results in the following schedule each year: mom and Tall One leave on Friday, spend Saturday at competition, and then come back home on Easter. This has simply become the norm, and I started the tradition of hiding eggs for their return.

This year, though, we didn't discuss it before hand. I guess this led to them thinking that there wouldn't be a hunt, because mom's first words when I greeted them as they get home were "We aren't expecting an egg hunt." I may have wanted them to find the eggs accidentally, because I responded with the non-revealing "We didn't discuss having one."

But of course, there were eggs. Which still have not all been found.

Hand Painted Easter Eggs by Vera Kratochvil

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