Thursday, March 28, 2013

That book...

Book cover
I've mentioned my new obsession with the Terminator movies before. My obsession is such that I have checked out the TV series from the library and am working on getting ahold of the novelizations.

Based on the info I found on Wikipedia, I decided to start with The Terminator by Shaun Hutson. I wanted to borrow it from my local library, but discovered that it's not available from any of the libraries in my county. Nor is it available in the neighboring county that I have a library card with.

Further searching on Interlibrary Loan (ILL) led to the discovery that it's pretty difficult to find the book in any library in the states, but that there are quite a few copies over in the UK. I guess that reflects where this novel was written and published.

I put in an ILL request for this book, but due to some serious impatience on my part I then also ordered it on to realize that it would take a while to arrive because it was being shipped from another continent.

Then due to further impatience I ordered another copy of it, this time from somewhere in the states. Without canceling my first order, or my ILL request.

Um...I'm not sure what I was thinking. I'm just glad that I only spent maybe $7 per book I ordered. The sad thing is that when my mom inquired at our local library about where the ILL copy I got came from (she can do that since she works there) it turns out that they had to buy the copy they loaned to me. Why? Because they had a hard time finding it in the states.

Maybe this would be a good time for me to hang my head in shame.

The sad thing is that, despite my impatience, it wasn't a great book. I guess I should have just started with the other novelization by Randall Frakes and Bill Wisher, which is the only one that my boyfriend was familiar with and it seems to be the novelization to read. It's definitely much better.

So...morals of the story? 1. Patience is a virtue (that's sometimes out to lunch). 2. Just because it says Terminator does not mean it is awesome. 3. While waiting for the novelization of the T2 to come in, I may as well enjoy the books from The Dresden Files that my boyfriend is so happily supplying me with. Which may seem like a non-sequitur, but I figure I may as well mention it. Oh yeah, and... 4. Ask the boyfriend which novelizations I should be reading.


Magaly Guerrero said...

Sorry it didn't work out. Hope he won't be back.

Yes, my jokes are quite lame.

Sarita Rucker said...

No, that's not lame at all. It has sent me into fits of giggles.