Monday, April 1, 2013

The young architect

Years ago I fell in love with the idea of designing elaborate rooms, and then houses. I recently looked through my old notebook (well, sort of a notebook) of what I came up with, and decided to share one or two.

A few interesting things struck me as I was putting this house layout into a format that would be easier to make sense of on this blog. The two obvious odd bits were that I didn't know how to spell, and that I may not have had a good grasp of how big things should be. But also, other odd things I noted...
  • I'm also not sure why I gave Tall One and me our own secret room that we had tunnels to. I guess for the sake of having our own secret place? It's not even a very big place.
  • I gave my brother a box of snakes? I thought I was the one who wanted a snake when we were young.
  • On one hand I wasn't very considerate of my family in making this house. I mean, look at the windows. I put my parents bedroom in the middle of the house where they couldn't possibly get any windows, and even though Tall One's room is in the corner he doesn't get any windows either.
  •  On the other hand, I also notice that my bed is the smallest. So I was nice to them there, I guess.
  • I still think that the library is awesome. Though I wonder who I imagined cleaning the giant koi fish tank...probably not me.
Maybe these details give insight into my mind when I was younger. lol Not sure what it says about me though.

If you want to look at the house, I suggest clicking the pic to enlarge.

The house, tidy

Below is the original. It's messy, but it has details that I couldn't transfer over easily. For example, a secret way for Tall One and me to talk to each other. So yeah, we've got secret tunnels and a secret means of communication. :)

I do want to explain about the lab, since it's not something that most people would put in a house. My dad used to be an electrical engineer, and our last house was a five bedroom one. Two of the bedrooms were used as his office and laboratory, and I couldn't imagine a family home without a room for his engineering stuff.

The house, messy

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