Monday, April 15, 2013

Christian Radio

Grandma's radio
I discovered the radio when I was fairly young. Apparently I was fascinated by it, and found one or two particular stations that really interested me. Much to my parents' dismay, the station(s) happened to belong to Evangelical Christians. Yeah, I was raised Christian, but my parents didn't want to pound it into me. As such, they were concerned about me listening to stations that strongly encouraged conversion, and which discouraged questioning. But they decided to just let me listen to whatever I wanted to.

Somehow I lost interest, and I went for years without thinking about the radio. I really only hear it if someone else has turned it on in my presence, and that's pretty infrequent. My mom occasionally reminds me of what I listened to in my early years though, and as a Pagan I now find it quite amusing.

But then, we got a radio for my grandma...

Mom asked me to test the radio to make sure it works. I turned it on to FM, and started playing with the tuner. In well under a minute I happened across a singer whose voice I was amazed by, so I decided to listen. I realized two things pretty quickly: it was probably a Christian station, and the song was pretty repetitive. I decided to stay on the station though, because I really liked the singer's voice even though the repetition was getting on my nerves. I wanted to find out who it was, so that I could look up other songs of hers.

Imagine my frustration when a prayer was begun as soon as the song ended, leaving me with no clue who she was.

I quickly moved on to other stations, pausing briefly at each one. Usually I moved on because I had no interest in what I heard, but I'll admit to shuddering at the one that was playing what sounded like the latest hit songs. (I'm sorry, those don't tend to interest me...and can sometimes get on my nerves.) Finally I found another singer who I liked.

Much to my amusement, it turned out to be another Christian station. Luckily, this was a nice station, meaning that they actually told me who the singer was when the song ended. He was Big Daddy Weave, by the way.

Those were the only two stations that made me stop for a listen. I haven't turned on a radio again since testing that one a couple days ago, but it does appear that I, a Pagan, may have an interest in Christian radio stations. I don't know what my reasons were when I was young, but these days I just like their singers.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Hee hee, if they only knew who one of their fans is!

Sarita Rucker said...

It might be quite amusing to see their reactions, if they found out. :)