Monday, April 22, 2013

An experiment

No idea what to call this. If I do make it again I'll do things differently. That being said, I think it's interesting, and it's certainly not bad. It's the first of its kind that I made, so I decided to document it here.

I found this recipe (or something close to it) while I was looking up info on this other recipe. You put a few spoonfuls of this stuff in hot water, and it helps sore throats.


Ginger root


Cut the lemon into slices, removing the seeds as you go. Mince (or try to mince) the ginger.

Note: I sliced up two lemons, but I think I only used a little over one whole lemon.

Mincing ginger

Everything sliced and minced up

Put the lemon and ginger in a jar, and try to sort of mix it up together. I didn't get a photo of it at this stage. Oops...

Next, add the honey. To make everything flow more smoothly I heated it up a bit in the microwave, though I guess that isn't necessary. It probably just depends on how much patience you have, and how old your honey is.

To my surprise, the lemon slices and ginger float. Maybe it's just that the honey I used is so liquidy? Anyways, it's not quite as pretty as I expected, but maybe that's just because it doesn't look how I expected it to look.

The finished thing

My conclusions

Very yummy.

I guess that I somehow expected the ginger to liquify in the honey. Don't ask me why. The ginger bits are a little odd when I'm drinking it, but I've found I can just swallow them down as I drink the...whatever it is.

Next time I'll either find a way to mince the ginger smaller, or leave it out entirely.

I may also see if I can find some less liquidy honey, to see if I can keep the lemons from rising to the top. But that's about how it looks, not about the taste or texture.

I'm also wondering if it really needs to be refrigerated...I read it needs to be though, so that's what I'm doing.

The leftover on the cutting board...lemon slices, lemon ends, and seeds

Have you ever fixed this, or something similar to it? Any comments or suggestions?

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