Friday, April 5, 2013

Darned cats...

Cat silhouette
Since losing Socks the dynamics between our remaining two cats, Kokopelle and Saphira, has

Saphira: a female Siamese with an attitude.

Kokopelle: an energetic male who doesn't know he's neutered. He also does not seem to understand what hissing means.

Things had always been a little interesting between these two. It has never been unusual for him to make unwelcome advances which are met with growling on her part, only for her to turn around and intentionally do her best to get his attention.

I think things calmed down a little after we lost Socks. Maybe they needed time to adjust to his absence. And maybe it would be appropriate to say that it was the calm before the storm.

The two seem to be getting into more disagreements than they ever did before Socks' death. A good example of this would be last night.

I was blissfully asleep, dreaming about who knows what, when suddenly I was torn from my slumbers by some serious hissing/growling/who-knows-what under my bed last night. And let me tell you, Siamese cats can be loud. So this wasn't exactly a polite awakening.

After telling Kokopelle off I discovered that Saphira had somehow been locked out of my parents bedroom. I also discovered that she was miserable enough to let me pick her up so that I could return her to them.

It's worth noting that Saphira normally disapproves of anyone other than my dad picking her up.

So...thus ends another night in this household. I'm hoping we'll get through the day without any drama. Though I guess I should add that their disagreements don't normally wake me up in the middle of the night.

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