Monday, October 15, 2012


Ok. So it's one dragon. One. But it's big! And yes it's from Dungeons & Dragons.

I finally met my first dragon in D&D. Luckily it didn't bother me, and went off chasing someone else. Whew.

Since there's nothing else really to talk about, I figured I may as well share it and a few other screen shots from D&D. And I think this may have finally turned me into a gamer.

I managed to get two new sets of armor in the last couple days. The first one shown is the better, though I think the other is hotter.

When I'm killing evil Cultists they sometimes wind up lying in mid-air once they're dead. But one of them here...he wound up impaled on something...and it's sort of going right through his...*ahem*...even though he's dead (and not real) I sort of feel sorry for him.

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