Saturday, October 13, 2012

Rain returns

Child with umbrella.

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Yesterday was the first rainy day of the season, after an unusually long and unsually dry summer. It was the sort of day that left me feeling like I ought to cuddle up with some hot chocolate and a good book.

Actually, I did manage to do that, sort of, before work. I talked mom into giving me a ride, but she had to get me there early. So I went to the nearby Starbucks to get a pumpkin spice latte and breakfast, and to hang out for over an hour while fiddling on my iPhone and reading.

But getting home...I was entirely on my own for that.

The bus I caught wound up very behind schedule. Possibly because the first rain of the year always causes traffic problems, but also possibly because the driver was in training. I guess I couldn't complain too much, since I wasn't in a hurry to be anywhere. And the training was entertaining, and somewhat informative.

And now at about 9:30 pm (this post will actually go up on day two of the rain, in a couple hours) I am eating delicious brownies and drinking water, while blogging. Thus has gone my first day of rain.

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