Sunday, October 7, 2012

Failing the quest

There is this one quest in Dungeons & Dragons that I have been stuck on for about three weeks. It's because this one suicidal idiot guy keeps getting himself killed.

The whole point of the quest is to find this dude named Lars Heyton and convince him to help in the fight against the evil people. Unfortunately, the enemy follows the adventurer (me) to Heyton's doorstep...and then I have to keep the guy alive.

Did you know that it's difficult to keep someone alive if he insists on throwing himself into the middle of the fight? I want to tie Heyton up and stick him in a corner, but of course there's no way to do that. *long suffering frustrated sigh*

In trying to find tips for keeping the jerk alive (sorry, I've gotten rather ticked off at Heyton by now for always dying on me) I came accross this YouTube video of the quest. If you want to spend 17 minutes of your life finding out what D&D looks like, take a peek.

And since it looks so easy in the video I'm just going to assume that it was made back when the quest was easier, as I've read it was once easier...

The guy spends a lot of time meandering around. After all the times I've played it, I can reach Heyton and watch him die in well under five minutes. Which means I can fail the quest three times in the time it took you to watch that video. *another long suffering sigh*

Eventually I'll figure out how to win the quest. In the meantime, Heyton is a blockhead. And to add insult to injury, his body guard attacks me when he dies.

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